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TOASTED S'mores Coffee Surprise

Delicious and chocolaty, Toasted S’mores Coffee Surprise is perfect when you’re craving a decadent treat. With just a few ingredients, this camping-inspired drink is simple to whip up anytime the mood strikes.


1 cup Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee, brewed
¼ cup chocolate milk
2 tablespoons chocolate sauce
2 tablespoons crushed graham cracker crumbs (spread out on a plate)
3-4 large marshmallows

Makes 1 Serving


Dip the rim of glass into a small plate of chocolate sauce, then coat the sauce in crushed graham cracker crumbs.

Heat chocolate milk to the desired temperature. Froth or whip to create an airy texture.

Pour brewed coffee into mug, then top with frothed chocolate milk and stir.

Top coffee with marshmallows and lightly toast with a culinary torch. Don’t have a torch? Lightly roast marshmallows over an open/stovetop flame to that golden color.


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