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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew is a full immersion method that requires time instead of heat, which results in a smooth, refreshing and enjoyable coffee. Making cold brew at home can be a messy process, so we have made it easy and convenient for you to make at home. Our organic cold brew coffee is specially roasted and selected with the same care and high standards that our family has provided over generations. Don Francisco’s Organic Cold Brew is made with 100% Arabica beans and roasted to bring out their rich and intense flavor, making a perfectly balanced and distinctively smooth cup of coffee every time. Serve over ice, on its own, or with cream and sugar. This Organic Cold Brew is so rich and smooth, it may just change your coffee preferences forever.

Prep Time: 3 min

Steep Time: 24 hr

What you Need

1 Don Francisco’s Coffee Organic Cold Brew foil pouch (2 pitcher packs inside)

A glass pitcher with lid

4 cups of cold filtered water (for steeping)

3 cups of cold filtered water (for diluting)

Step 1: Mix

Open the foil pouch and gently place 2 pitcher packs into a glass pitcher. We recommend a large, wide, airtight pitcher with a lid.

Step 2: Add Water and Steep

Pour 4 (8 fl oz) cups of cold filtered water into pitcher and close tightly with lid. (It’s normal for pitcher packs to float). Place your pitcher into the fridge for 24 hours.

Step 3: Remove Pitcher Packs

Grab the cold brew from the fridge and carefully remove the pitcher packs to avoid tearing. Add 3 (8 fl oz) cups of cold filtered water to the pitcher.

Step 4: Serve

Pour into a tall glass with ice, or skip the ice for a bolder taste. Enjoy!

Gaviña Family Tip: Cold Brew stays fresh up to 7 days in the refrigerator.  For a stronger brew, add less water in the final dilution step.

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