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Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Iced Mocha

This ice-cold treat luxuriously combines velvety smooth dark chocolate, the nutty and citrusy notes of Old Havana espresso, topped off with a cloud of whipped cream and a sprinkle of chopped hazelnuts! 🌰🍫☕


1 Don Francisco’s Old Havana Espresso Capsule
2 ounces dark chocolate bar
1/4 cup hazelnut-flavored syrup
1 cup whole milk or milk of your choice
Whipped cream
Crushed hazelnuts

For the Chocolate Rim:
1/4 cup dark chocolate chips or chopped dark chocolate
Crushed hazelnuts

Total Time: 10 minutes
Serves 1


Prepare Chocolate Rim: Melt dark chocolate chips or chopped dark chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl in 20-30 second intervals, stirring between each interval until fully melted and smooth.

Place crushed hazelnuts on a small plate.

Dip the rim of serving glass into the melted chocolate, then immediately dip into the crushed hazelnuts to coat the rim evenly. Place glass in the refrigerator to allow the chocolate rim to set while you prepare the drink.

Place chocolate piece across the top of your espresso cup. Brew Don Francisco’s Old Havana Espresso directly over chocolate, allowing it to melt and infuse espresso with rich chocolate flavor.

Stir melted chocolate and espresso mixture until well combined. Add hazelnut-flavored syrup to the espresso mixture and stir again.

In a glass filled with ice, pour in chocolate and espresso mixture. Add in milk and stir gently to combine all the ingredients.

Top each drink with whipped cream and sprinkle additional crushed hazelnuts on top for garnish.

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