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Home Is Where the Coffee Is

April 8th, 2020

Cup of Hot Don Francisco's Coffee

As a community, we’re all finding ways to navigate the changes in our daily routine caused by the coronavirus. Whether that means finding ways to stay occupied at home, figuring out how to possibly get work done remotely (especially if you have kids out of school!), or just trying to create a new sense of normalcy as we get through these trying times.

Don Francisco’s Coffee wants you to know we’re still maintaining the highest levels of safety for our customers and employees, and we’ve taken immediate steps to ensure everyone remains healthy and safe – and that goes for the products you love, too.

Safety is our Objective

When everything else feels so uncertain, Don Francisco’s Coffee is here to take care of you so you can continue enjoying that perfect brewed cup of coffee at home.

From maintaining and adhering to all food safety regulations as well as essential manufacturing practices, Don Francisco’s Coffee is open and operating to make sure we meet the increased demand for coffee! As always, we’re committed to delivering the premium quality coffee you know and love – but most of all – we want you to know that we’re here to support you and the community as we get through unprecedented times.

Sharing the Don Francisco’s Coffee Love

While your routine might be a bit different for now, there’s still a delicious cup of coffee waiting for you each and every day.

As health experts recommend staying at home for the time being to slow the spread of COVID- 19, it’s sure to bring some major changes to how you work, exercise and even what you eat or drink! Going out to get a cup of coffee isn’t as easy as it used to be, which is why having the option to brew your own delicious cup at home is even more essential!

Until May 1 st , we’re offering free shipping on all Don Francisco’s orders so it’s the perfect time to stock up on your favorite flavors and blends. If drinking coffee at home is a new experience for you or you’re not quite sure what to purchase, be sure and check out the Meet Your Match feature on our website to discover and connect with some delicious, flavorful options.

Making Coffee at Home

Want to flex your coffee-making muscles from the comfort of your own home? Not even sure where or how to begin brewing your own coffee?

You don’t need to be an expert to make yummy coffee in the safety of your own home! Drip coffee machines, French presses and pour overs/drippers are affordable and readily available options to purchase if you don’t have anything on hand and even coffee-brewing beginners can easily create espresso-based drinks with stovetop espresso brewer and a milk frother.

When you want a no-fuss cup of coffee or prefer to have a range of flavors, coffee pods or espresso capsules are exceptionally easy to use.

Here are some additional tips for creating your own coffee drinks:

Start with a premium coffee. No matter how in-depth or simple the brewing process, a great cup of coffee starts with quality beans.

Learn how to brew like a pro. Using a French Press? Maybe you’re craving a refreshing cold brew. Check out our Brew Guides and Recipes for all the tips and techniques you need to create your own amazing coffee beverage at home.

Create a special space in your home. After you’ve purchased Don Francisco’s Coffee, create a space in your home for a mini coffee bar. For some, that daily cup of coffee is more than a caffeine fix – it’s a ritual. Since we can’t spend time relaxing in our favorite coffee shop right now, create a space in your home that offers you a moment of tranquility and an assortment of options to create a cup of coffee you’ll LOVE.  

Whether you’re at home with loved ones or you’re spending time alone, Don Francisco’s Coffee is here to make this time a little easier. We’ve always considered our customers to be extended family and we feel that sentiment even more in times like this.

From our family to yours - take care of yourself and we'll be here to take care of you, too.

The Don Francisco's Coffee Family

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