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Go Green, Recycle Your Coffee Pods

April 13th, 2020

Love the flavors and versatility that coffee pods and espresso capsules provide? Wish there was a way to enjoy single serve coffee pods and minimize waste at the same time?

Designed to be convenient and efficient, the popularity of single serve coffee pods has grown but a big question throughout the coffee-drinking community has remained: how do we enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without adding more waste to landfills? 

Why Plastic?

You might be wondering why plastic is used in the packaging of coffee pods to begin with and there’s a simple answer. Plastic is typically used to maintain freshness in food packaging – and that includes coffee!

In order to provide the freshest cup of coffee to consumers, the use of plastic in coffee pods and espresso capsules has been the go-to solution. However, as we know, plastic is filling up landfills and creating a conundrum among consumers who want to be environmentally-friendly.

So, what does that mean for consumers like you who love the convenience and choices that coffee pods and espresso capsules provide?

Don Francisco’s Coffee® is excited to announce – for the first time ever – a partnership with TerraCycle, which is designed to provide an option in recycling single serve coffee pods and espresso capsules.

Created in an effort to align with the company’s Direct Impact™ Initiative, consumers can now enjoy the convenience and assortment of Don Francisco’s single serve coffee with the added benefit of fully-recyclable and sustainable packaging.

A History of Sustainability

From the beginning, respecting land and coffee farmers has been an essential business practice of Don Francisco’s Coffee.

Through the deep connection to thriving farmers and the desire to protect the environment for future generations, there has always been one goal in mind: delivering exceptional coffee while paying close attention to minimizing the overall global footprint.

From partnering and supporting farmers to sourcing coffee through environmental and sustainable methods, the partnership with TerraCycle® is just the next step in creating additional positive changes that enhance quality of life while providing eco-friendly solutions to customers who love single serve coffee options.

What the Don Francisco’s Coffee + TerraCycle Collaboration Means for You

Do you love a cup of Hawaiian Hazelnut in the morning? Maybe you’re more of Colombia Supremo or Kona Blend coffee drinker. Whatever you love, get back to enjoying it without worrying about the environmental impact it once made.

This innovative new partnership with TerraCycle makes recycling your Don Francisco pods and capsules easier than ever with a four-step process that also allows you to give back to a charity of your choice with accrued points. How does it work? Here’s what the no-fuss process looks like:

Register and set up an account at terracycle.com

Collect your used coffee pods and put them in any box.

Download and print shipping label at terracycle.com

Redeem Points for your favorite charitable institution.

Once your used Don Francisco’s Coffee pods and capsules are received by TerraCycle, they’ll be accumulated with similar items or materials and then transformed into new, useful products like community-enhancing park benches and picnic tables.

What makes this process even more beneficial is that it adds zero waste to landfills and there’s no incineration of materials required – two common concerns voiced by consumers in relation to traditional recycling methods.

Additional Benefits of the Partnership

TerraCycle uses recycled goods and raw materials to create new, environmentally-friendly products which ultimately aligns with Gaviña’s overall sustainability goal of providing premium coffee with a greener footprint.

Partnering with TerraCycle is an important step forward for F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. in two powerful ways – first, it transforms Don Francisco’s coffee pods and espresso capsules into fully recyclable items. It also provides consumers with peace of mind – and convenience – to choose single serve coffee products that match with lifestyle needs.

For those who love the variety and efficiency of coffee pods, this program between Don Francisco’s Coffee and TerraCycle is an exciting one! Enjoy drinking a freshly brewed cup of your favorite coffee with peace of mind that used coffee pods aren’t ending up in landfills and you’re earning points to give back to your favorite charity! Now that’s a cup of coffee we can get behind.

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