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New School Year. New Routine. Same Delicious Coffee.

August 10th, 2020

Don Francisco's Coffee Back to School

Balancing work and home life is always a bit daunting, especially during these times when even the most daily routines might feel pretty overwhelming.

This school year, like many other things, looks vastly different from previous years. Students of all ages – from kindergarten to college – are going to experience learning in a whole new way this academic year.

Coffee to the rescue

Love starting your day off with some quiet time and a cup of coffee? Keep it going – this will help the rest of the day feel a little more grounded and flexible to tackle anything that comes your way. If you’re short on time between work and watching the kids, look for ways to simplify your moments of calm – our single-serve coffee, for example, is the perfect way to create a cup of coffee on demand without using up much time for preparation.

Maintaining your favorite coffee rituals is a good way to bring balance, comfort and routine into your day. Even though we’re at home this semester, consider some of these ideas to stay connected with teachers, other students and even parents as you navigate these new challenges together: 

Schedule a virtual coffee date! Set up a time each week for a virtual coffee chat -- whether it’s with other parents, the kid’s teachers or your friends, having a scheduled meeting each week can help you feel like you’re on the right track. Especially when it involves coffee!  

Take time for yourself. Between all the demands of work, home and school, you’re going to feel extra busy this semester. Each day, carve out a little alone time to do something you enjoy. Brew up a cup of coffee to enjoy with a book or grab a cup on the way out before a morning or afternoon walk.

Whether you’re a parent wondering how this new school year is going to go or you’re a college student preparing for a new semester, there are a few ways to stay balanced and productive during this new normal.

Making small changes in your routine might help, too! For example, instead of going out for coffee or brewing a pot at home, look to the convenience and assortment offered by single serve coffee pods. With coffee pods, you can easily select the type of coffee you’re in the mood for at any time, brew it in seconds and enjoy a great cup of coffee without taking time away from the tasks keeping you extra busy.

Here are some easy tips to consider when planning the next few months:

Don Francisco's Coffee Double French Single Serve Coffee

Sipping a cup of Double French Single Serve coffee while studying or need a boost of caffeine to get you through a busy day, Don Francisco's Coffee is here to help you with your back-to-school essentials. Take time out of each day to do something you enjoy!

Don Francisco's Coffee Caramel Cream Single Serve Coffee

Create a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Need to get up early because the morning hours are more productive for you? Grab a cup of Caramel Cream Single Serve to get the day started off on a naturally sweet note! Double French Single Serve is perfect for any afternoon pick-me-up.

This school year there’s a lot to manage and – as we have in the past – we will get through this stronger than ever! Here at Don Francisco’s Coffee, we’re ready to make sure you’re ready to go with delicious and flavorful coffee.

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